Specialist Learning

At NCC we value the aspirations and success of every child – that is why we run numerous specialist learning programs

Our specialist learning programs include Learning Enrichment Support, Learning Extension Extra Curricular Offerings, In-class Teacher-led Extensions, Year Advancement and Early University Access.

Learning Enrichment

The NCC Learning Enrichment Centre assists students with acknowledged special needs from Prep to Year 12. This support is offered in a variety of ways depending on the student’s level of need, the school resources and places available.

Students may be referred for Learning Enrichment at enrolment, at any time by parents, or when teachers identify difficulties.

A comprehensive consultation process, including learning difficulty assessment, is worked through before students are provided with specialised support. The process involves parents, teachers, the Learning Enrichment teachers and teacher aides.

Learning Extension

We understand that all children have unique gifts, and the initiatives implemented in the Learning Extension program have been tailored in a way that allows all students to be involved.

Nambour Christian College also provides opportunities for our more able students to be enriched and extended through a variety of activities and competitions, often involving other Sunshine Coast schools.

This is what we offer:
  • English – Debating; Public Speaking; Poetry & Literacy Competitions; 3-day Writers on the Coast
  • Science – Rio Tinto Science Competition; Siemens Science School; UNSW; Science Week
  • Mathematics – UNSW Mathematics Competition; Sunshine Coast Mathematics Competition
  • Creative & Performing Arts – Senior Music Extension; Bezalel Arts Festival; College Musical
  • Humanities – Youth Challenges (Ryebuck Media) Years 9-11; United Nations Association of Australia Year 11; Asia Wise Comp; Australian Geography Competition
  • Industrial Technology & Design – Guitar Making; Cooroy and Brisbane Wood Shows, Toy construction for NCC early learners
  • Business Studies – ASX Competition
  • Physical Education – Accreditation in First Aid; Bronze Medallion; Sport’s Coaching & Administration
  • General – Days of Excellence; Chess Competitions & Workshops; ‘Tournament of the Minds’ and ‘OPTI-Minds’ Challenge

Meliora Enrichment Program

The Meliora Enrichment Program is specifically tailored to meet the unique needs of Year 7, 8, and 9 students who demonstrate advanced cognitive abilities. The term “Meliora,” derived from Latin, signifies the pursuit of excellence. Within our Middle School, gifted and talented students possess extraordinary talents and untapped potential, necessitating opportunities for enrichment that go beyond the standard curriculum. Meliora is founded on two primary objectives:

Firstly, it aims to provide an enriching program that broadens the horizons of gifted and talented students by introducing fresh and diverse learning contexts. Through this, students can nurture their creativity, critical thinking, and their ability to explore knowledge beyond conventional boundaries.

Secondly, Meliora seeks to bring like-minded students together to collaborate on challenging learning experiences that may not be available within the standard school curriculum.

Meliora students partake in a weekly session, predominantly with peers from their respective year levels. During these sessions, they engage in a term-long project that encompasses diverse subjects such as the $20 Boss Project, forensic studies, Passion Projects, TED Talks, the Da Vinci Decathlon, NCC Shark Tank, and other inquiry-based learning initiatives that demand problem-solving skills, creativity, and critical thinking.

Additionally, students across all three-year levels come together for off-site excursions, including visits to institutions such as QUT, the Gallery of Modern Art, and the Queensland Museum.

The Meliora program serves as a unique platform for students, fostering intellectual curiosity and open-mindedness. It equips them with a heightened awareness of problem-solving processes, allowing them to navigate challenges, unfamiliar information, and novel concepts with greater sophistication.

By collaborating with their gifted peers, Meliora students embark on term-long projects, participating in activities like the $20 Boss Project, forensic investigations, Passion Projects, TED Talks, the Da Vinci Decathlon, NCC Shark Tank, and other inquiry-based endeavours that demand problem-solving, creativity, and critical thinking. They not only learn from their successes but also embrace the idea that “iron sharpens iron.”

In-class Teacher-led Extensions

Teachers also extend students in the regular classroom by varying assignment topics and expectations and by allowing students to research topics in their personal interest areas.


Early University Access

There is also the opportunity for senior students to take part in a ‘Headstart’ or ‘Start Uni Now’ course through the University of the Sunshine Coast (USC) or Central Queensland University (CQU).

These courses are designed to prepare students for the expectations required at University to help make the transition a smooth process. At USC, if a student successfully completes two semesters of study, it will grant them entry to the University at the end of Year 12.

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