Senior School – Years 10-12

NCC Senior School aims to prepare students for life, not just to make a living

We aim for them to have the skills, knowledge, confidence and maturity to know what matters most and to live a life that values what matters most. This is in part made possible by the co-curricular activities and service trips locally and within Australia that senior students have the opportunity to be involved in.

As a Christian College, we guide our students in furthering their understanding of God’s love and challenge them to seek God’s plans and purpose for their lives. Many of our graduates have gone on to create remarkable lives and make remarkable contributions to their communities.

Our specialist Senior teachers help students become more aware of their special interests and gifts and develop the necessary skills and knowledge for a successful future beyond school. Our aim for each student is that they leave doing what they want to do, rather than having to settle for something.

How do we do that?

In our Senior School learning occurs in formal class situations and in a variety of extra activities. Our senior school students develop a greater role in decision making and leadership in different settings.

Our values-based education in the Christian framework results in a school community that is highly respectful, considerate and well-behaved. This translates to highly productive and positive learning sessions, a joy in learning and a supportive community.

We offer an exciting and extensive academic curriculum for students leaning towards tertiary studies, as well as practical and leading VOC ed pathways for students keen on apprenticeships and other openings post-high school. As part of this, we work with local businesses to offer numerous work experience opportunities for each year level. All students aim to earn their Queensland Certificate of Education on Year 12 Graduation from NCC.

On campus, we have a five-acre farm and Agricultural complex with Berakah Farm Miniatures Show ponies. We have dedicated science labs and art, performance, and music precincts. We’ve invested in an outstanding food tech/hospitality facility, a multipurpose Health and Fitness Centre and Industrial Technology and Design complex.

We believe to be amongst the best High schools on the Sunshine Coast – and truly prepare students for life beyond High School – you need to offer such quality learning environments and highly relevant city, country, and internationally-focused opportunities.

Equipping Students for their Future

Core subjects such as ‘Focus’ in Years 10 and 11 and ‘Exit Prep’ in Year 12 provide our Sunshine Coast students with vocational learning, career education and life skills. Christian Living classes form part of the College’s extensive program that encourages community service and a Christian lifestyle. This is something that sets our school apart as we provide opportunities for students to have robust discussions around faith and Christianity within the education framework.

NCC Senior School offers students a variety of subjects that will be beneficial for future academic studies and work pathways. Many students are concerned with adequate preparation for tertiary study via an Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR). This curriculum is governed by the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority syllabuses and all our subjects have approved courses of study and assessment instruments. Courses are carefully designed to prepare students for the expectations required at university and other tertiary institutions.

Some students choose a vocational focus through vocational education subjects. There are many students who choose a balanced course that may still provide an ATAR but also includes some vocational education and training experiences.

NCC offers several subjects that are primarily vocationally focused, such as Hospitality, Pastry and Baking, Industrial Skills, Furnishings, Manufacturing, Rural Operations and Recreation. In addition to studying these courses, students can also take part in a ‘Headstart’ or ‘Start Uni Now’ course through USC or CQU. These courses are designed to prepare students for the expectations required at university to help make the transition a smooth process. Please click here to view the Senior School course description booklet.

The NCC Senior School curriculum includes:
  • English – English, Literature and Essential English*
  • Mathematics – Specialist Mathematics, Mathematical Methods, General Maths, Essential Maths*
  • Humanities and Social Sciences – Geography, Philosophy and Reason, Modern History, Ancient History
  • Science – Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Science in Practice, Agricultural Science, Rural Operations*
  • Technologies – Design, Accounting, Legal Studies, Digital Solutions, Business, Baking*, Hospitality*, Furnishing Skills*, Industrial Technology*, Hospitality, Pastry & Baking*, Business & Finance **
  • Visual Arts – Visual Art, Music, Drama, Film & Television and New Media, Music Extension (Year 12 only), Visual Art in Practice*
  • Languages – Japanese
  • Health & Physical Education – Physical Education, Health Services**, Recreation*
  • Compulsory Subjects – Focus** (10-11), Exit Prep** (12),  Christian Living**
  • Outdoor Education – via annual year level camps (new and challenging outdoor experiences that develop leadership, teamwork, resilience and other important life skills)

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