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Understanding why families choose Nambour Christian College

Many parents like specific reasons to help them decide which school is right for their children. The reasons why parents choose to send their children to NCC are abundant and are all to do with our school valuing what matters most.

That encompasses many things with respect to each individual, our community, to the past and to the future – all of which add up to surety and confidence in their children’s education and the experience they have with our school.

In developing Nambour Christian College into the school it is today we’ve worked hard to understand: what parents and families value; what students value; what staff value; and what our community values. And then we’ve sought to deliver on this in line with our mission, vision and values. Here’s what we found…

Our families value

  • A learning environment that can educate their children from toddlers through to senior – a safe and consistent community.
  • A school that can cater for diverse interests and intellects so that a family with very different children and aspirations can still send all their children to the same school – convenience, opportunity, harmony and less hassle.
  • A school that partners with them in helping to develop “good character and good – timeless – values” in their children.
  • A school where students are respectful and supportive of each other and the teachers, resulting in a productive, calm and engaged learning environment.
  • Teachers that genuinely care for their child.
  • The opportunity for children to understand more about their place in the world, realise how fortunate most Australians are and how to help others in meaningful ways.
  • The opportunity to experience country life and develop practical farming and animal skills – very few schools offer this.
  • An integrated Christian worldview to their children’s education – highly valued by Christian families.
  • A beautiful lush, green and calming environment for their children to be in whilst at school.
  • Learning to swim – an essential skill living near the Australian coast.
  • A bus service – peace of mind, safety and convenience.

Our students value

  • The friendships they make that will carry them through life­, with people they trust and whose values they share.
  • The opportunity to pursue their interests, learn and develop their skills in a variety of academic and non-academic areas and being challenged
  • Having positive and mutually respectful relationships with teachers.
  • Being in a student body where people are nice to each other and lessons are not combative.
  • The opportunity to understand and experience people and life that is different to Nambour and the Sunshine Coast.
  • The freedom to incorporate their Christian beliefs, in their studies.
  • The opportunity and elation that comes from focussing on a collective project – be that a school concert, interschool sporting event or a service trip.
  • A clean, green and tropical school environment that is a peaceful place to be.
  • Pastoral Care Services so there is always someone to talk to about and help with any issue.

Our staff value

Before we talk about staff, we wanted to touch on what management values most – and that is: we recognise the success and well-being of our school largely comes down the quality and lived values of our staff, their Christlike service and the leadership and culture that creates the right environment for our staff to excel.

Our staff do well because together we value:
  • Being part of a Christian workplace where love, kindness and fellowship are integral, daily elements; where staff pray for each other and for students, where as a community they contribute to international aid projects and make a difference.
  • Our student community who, by and large, are respectful, engaged and a pleasure to teach.
  • Being able to explore our Christian faith with students in a number of ways, helping students deepen their own faith and beliefs, helping students develop their values and character.
  • Appreciating our staff and having their back – this extends to ensuring adequate resources, people and pastoral care.
  • Ongoing professional development
  • Families that have strong and long ties to the school and are actively engaged in their children’s education.
  • A pleasant working environment and good facilities, so students have ample opportunity to develop a myriad of skills.

Our Community values

By Community we mean community beyond Nambour Christian College, we mean the Nambour region and the Sunshine Coast where our students live, participate in and look for employment during and post school.

Families and organisations throughout the region value:
  • Students that are respectful of people and property,
  • Are punctual, trustworthy, polite and try hard
  • Someone they can rely on – increasingly the standing of our students and our educational approach in the local community has grown to the point where people can rely on a Nambour Christian College student.

We believe that by focusing on what matters most, first and foremost, then we will create the right environment for our families, students, teachers and communities – all will play their part, and rise to the challenge. Our students will feel secure; they will be supported; they will become good citizens and will be successful in whatever endeavour they pursue.

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