Delivering Best Christian School Education at the Sunshine Coast

Understanding why families choose Nambour Christian College

NCC delivers what families value: a faith-filled culture that respects and nurtures each individual as a fellowship while building confidence in children’s education.

NCC has developed into one of the best Private Christian schools by understanding parents, pupils, staff, and community values, delivered in line with our mission, vision and values.

Our families appreciate:
  • A safe, consistent environment educating toddlers through to seniors.
  • A place with diverse interests and intellects so the whole family can attend the same learning facility.
  • A community that helps produce “good character and good – timeless – values”.
  • A productive, calm and engaging setting where pupils are respectful and supportive of each other ad the teachers.
  • Teachers who genuinely care.
  • Their children understanding their place in the world.
  • The development of practical farming and animal skills.
  • An integrated Christian worldview to education.
  • Their children experiencing the beautiful lush, green and calming surroundings.
  • Essential learn to swim program.
  • A safe and convenient bus service.

Characteristics of Our Private High School Education

We have formed optimum facilities through collaboration and a comprehensive understanding of values from those around us.

Our families appreciate:

  • A safe, consistent environment educatingtoddlers through to seniors.
  • A place withdiverse interests and intellects so the whole family can attend the same learning facility.
  • A communitythat helps produce “good character and good – timeless – values”.
  • A productive, calm and engaging setting where pupilsare respectful and supportive of each other and the teachers.
  • Teachers whogenuinely care.
  • Theirchildren understanding their place in the world.
  • The development ofpractical farming and animal skills.
  • An integrated Christian worldview to education.
  • Their children experiencing the beautiful lush, green and calming surroundings.
  • Essential learn to swim
  • A safe and convenient bus service.

Our students appreciate:

  • Building lifelongfriendships with people whose values they share.
  • Pursuingtheir interests, gain knowledge, and be challenged with their skills in academic and non-academic areas.
  • Having positive and mutually respectful relationships with teachers.
  • Being part ofa student body where people are kind and lessons aren’t
  • Opportunitiesto understand and experience diverse cultures.
  • The freedom to incorporate Christian beliefs in their studies.
  • Enjoyment and experiencethat comes from collaborative projects – concerts, sporting events or service trips.
  • A clean, green, tropical andpeaceful
  • Pastoral Care Services, meaning there’s always someone to talk to about and help with

Our staff:

Our Best Private Christian School Sunshine Coast recognises that the success and well-being of our college primarily come from the quality and lived values of our staff, their faithful service and the leadership and culture that creates the right environment. They value:

  • Being part of a workplace where love, kindness and fellowship are integral daily elements, includingprayer and contributing to international aid projects.
  • Our community of childrenwho are respectful, engaged and delightful to teach.
  • Having the freedom toexplore Christian faith with pupils by helping them deepen their own beliefs and develop their character.
  • Havingadequate resources, people and pastoral care.
  • Ongoing professional development
  • Families that have strong and long ties tous and are actively engaged in their children’s education.
  • A pleasant working environment with modernfacilities, giving pupils ample opportunity for academic and spiritual development.

Our Community Welcomes:

By Community, we mean the Nambour region and Sunshine Coast where our families live, participate in and look for employment during and post-education. They appreciate that:

  • Students are respectful of people and property.
  • Are punctual, trustworthy, polite and work
  • Our pupils aresomeone they can rely on.

Providing a Secure, Supported & Focused Environment

Focusing on what matters most will create the right environment for our families, students, teachers, and communities. Our students will feel secure and supported at one of the best private schools; they will become good citizens and successful in whatever endeavour they pursue.

Please contact us to learn more about our Sunshine Coasts learning facilities.

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