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Putting our Christian worldview into practise and perspective

What sets Nambour Christian College apart from other schools is its commitment to actively engaging and building meaningful relationships with rural and indigenous communities, as well as third-world countries

The school’s motto, ‘Sow to Harvest’, has been a cornerstone in fostering a culture of outreach, where students are encouraged to extend their helping hands to others in both local and foreign communities.

By participating in service trips, students gain valuable insights into the challenges and rewards that come with assisting others, providing them with a Christian worldview that’s grounded in practical experiences.

At NCC, your child will have the opportunity to positively impact the lives of others, locally and internationally. They will learn to demonstrate Christ’s love, develop empathy and compassion, and recognise their responsibility as privileged individuals to be good human beings.

NCC provides numerous opportunities for students to engage in service and cultural trips both within Australia and abroad, beginning as early as Year 8. Learn more about our Sister Schools and other initiatives that highlight our commitment to fostering meaningful relationships and providing life-changing opportunities for our students below.

Our motto – ‘Sow to Harvest’ – has been foundational to the development of a culture within Nambour Christian College

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Our North Queensland School

Students assist with the annual fundraising for the school (Gulf Christian College) by volunteering at the Normanton Rodeo. They also spend time in the classrooms, building lasting friendships, work on projects around the school grounds and gain a better appreciation for the indigenous culture and Australian outback.

Service Trips

Fiji – Senior School

This trip is available to Year 11 students during the September school holidays. The team travel to remote villages and share the Gospel message with schools, churches and local communities through creative and performing arts activities. For many students, this is a timely opportunity for spiritual growth prior to their final year of school.

Fiji – Middle School

This trip is available to Year 8 students during the June/July school holidays for approximately 10 days. The team travel to St Christophers’s Home in Nakai Fiji and assist the community in projects and servicing the needs of the children in the village.


This trip is held every two years in the June/July school holidays and is available to Senior School students. The team travel to schools in one of the poorest most desolate regions of Sub-Saharan Africa. They work in the primary classrooms with Science, Art and Music activities, conduct English lessons with the secondary students and assist with any current maintenance or building projects. While in Africa, they also visit a Game Park, getting up close to many of the amazing animals and birdlife.


This trip is held every two years in the December school holidays and is available to Senior School students. The team engage in projects to support educational opportunities for the children living in poorer areas of Kolkata as well as vocational training projects for young people. They also visit places of history and culture in Delhi and Agra including the Taj Mahal.

Sister Schools

South Korea

Since September 2000, when NCC entered into the sister school agreement with the Kyung Hwa Girls Middle & High School in South Korea, students from both schools have shared many beneficial experiences.

As part of an Exchange Program, students from NCC have the opportunity to attend Kyung Hwa for up to 12 months and likewise NCC annually hosts five Senior School students from our sister school in South Korea.


NCC and Intan Permata Hati (IPH) Christian School entered into a sister school agreement in 2004 at Surabaya, Indonesia. IPH is a Christian school that commenced 10 years ago and has now grown to three campuses offering Early Childhood Centres, Primary School and Middle School.

Our unique partnership will help IPH Christian School establish a Middle School curriculum and textbooks based on our Australian experience. Cultural and language visits between NCC and IPH Christian School commenced in 2005. This agreement is another step in the College vision to help establish Christian education in the Asia Pacific region.


NCC and the Metachanupatham Christian School entered into a sister school agreement in January 2007 at Phetchabun, Thailand – a school that our College helped establish in 2003. Our students and staff have been financially supporting the children’s homes in Thailand (run by Mercy International) since then.

In 2003 the children’s home in Phetchabun commenced a small school for their children plus children from the local villages. Today the school has 1500 primary and secondary students with beautiful buildings and grounds, all through donations of finances and labour.

Through the signing of a Sister School Agreement, our College will be working to help assist the teachers in Thailand with resources and professional development activities as well as our Junior School students communicating with their students via the Internet.

In December every two years, a team of NCC staff and students visit our sister school in Phetchabun and assist with a number of projects at the Mercy International children’s homes in Phetchabun, Khon Kaen and Phrae. The NCC students are able to see, first hand, the kitchen and amenities building constructed at Phrae with the $25,000 donated by College staff in 2006.


NCC has both formal and informal school arrangements in place with various schools in Japan. Since the relationships have been formed there have been a number of Japanese students attend NCC, typically for a 12 month period. The students significantly benefit from both the cultural experience as well as the chance to improve their competency in English – while our students also have the opportunity to further their Japanese which is taught in Middle School at NCC.

NCC staff and students have visited the schools in Japan on a biennial basis since 2000 and, by staying with Japanese families associated with the schools, have gained a wonderful insight into the culture and lifestyle of the country.

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