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Junior School Development

Junior School Development

In the last week of Term 1, NCC’s new Junior School development welcomed students into the spacious new classrooms.

NCC’s Acting Head of Junior School Mrs Deb Holmes says of the project, ‘There were three stages of the building development – commencing with our Year 2 classrooms and Learning Enrichment, moving on to Year 4 classrooms and deck, and finally the Year 5 and 6 classrooms upstairs and a new façade for the Junior School Administration building. The updated rooms are larger, allowing for more flexibility with how the learning spaces are used. They are bright and colourful, with a lot of glass, providing connection to the outdoors and a lot more natural light, which is conducive to learning.’

‘Our Learning Enrichment department has been completely transformed, with a beautiful open space and a number of smaller breakout areas which are used for small groups of students. We also have some flexible furniture in this space, which can be moved around and adapted to meet the needs of the children and their learning. The new rooms have given the Junior School a wonderful lift and are bright and spacious.’

Year 6 teacher Mr Jon Broad was delighted to move his class into one of these spaces, remarking that his new classroom is spacious and provides fantastic opportunities to establish learning centres for collaborative group work, while plenty of storage space and areas to display student work samples. Excited students are appreciating the technological additions, with teachers able to connect devices to projectors to show student presentations and encourage interactive learning.

Mrs Sonya O’Connor is finding her new Year 5 classroom is much quieter with less outside noise distracting students, and the extra space for group projects inspires students to develop and pool knowledge, and tackle more complex projects than they could on their own. The students are also enjoying the colourful interiors and large windows that allow in plenty of natural light, and showcase wonderful views of the Sunshine Coast hinterland.

We’re positive that this new development will make students feel more comfortable, jump-start their development, and inspire them to love learning. For a tour of our Junior School, contact NCC’s Registrar today.

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