About NCC

Discover Nambour Christian College

Nambour Christian College is a leading independent school on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast offering excellence in Christian education from 15 months of age to Year 12.

Through outstanding student achievements in academics, sport, instrumental music and performing arts, NCC has gained a reputation as an exceptional school for the past 36 years.

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Discover Nambour Christian College

At Nambour Christian College, academic excellence meets Christ-centred learning. Our co-educational College offers an outstanding private school education from Prep right through to Year 12.

A NCC education opens minds, provides spiritual guidance and develops the unique gifts of each student. Since our inception in 1980, this enriching and holistic approach to education has seen NCC develop a respected reputation for achievement in all areas of academia, as well as arts and sports.

The curriculum at NCC is constantly reviewed to provide our 1,150 students with new learning opportunities. We support classroom learning with first-class facilities, outdoor education and co-curricular activities ranging from music to sports and performing arts.

As students progress from Primary through to Middle and Senior School, our community supports them while they discover a lifelong love of learning, find their confidence and develop strength of character.

Following the opening of NCC early learners – an on-campus early education centre – we now support the educational and spiritual development of children from as young as 15 months. Our early learners make a smooth transition from childcare to Prep, forming friendships that last throughout their school years and beyond.

Founded on the values of tradition, faith and a commitment to academic excellence, NCC builds a strong foundation for the future of every student.

Mission Statement

“To provide a secure and supportive Christ-centred learning community,
where a commitment to excellence, creativity and service is encouraged and modelled.”


Sow to Harvest

As a Christian community:

  • We believe the Bible to be inspired by God and to contain the guidelines for our lives and relationships.
  • We believe the biblical framework guides every aspect of our School life including both our curriculum and community service programs.
  • Students enrolled with us are encouraged to enjoy a personal relationship with God and to demonstrate their Christian faith by living in accordance with the teachings of Jesus Christ, who is the Son of God.  Prayer, worship and chapel services are an integral part of the Schools timetable.
  • Christian values guide our emphasis and vision.
  • Biblical morality is modelled and taught.
  • Students and their families are invited to fully participate in the Sunshine Coast Christian community represented by Nambour Christian College and to also be actively involved in a local Christian church that can provide spiritual guidance and fellowship.
  • We encourage all our students to pursue excellence according to their potential so that they can develop into effective members of our society by serving God and using their gifts and talents in their chosen field.

College Values


  • NCC will be a community of intentional connection with God.
  • NCC will be a community of acceptance, forgiveness and love for all people.
  • NCC will be a community of honesty and integrity.


  • NCC will be a community which promotes Biblical truth and practice.
  • NCC will be a community where prayer is practised.
  • NCC will be a community where praise and worship is encouraged.


  • NCC will be a community where the truth and uniqueness of Jesus is modelled as we serve one another.
  • NCC will be a community where pursuit of excellence is encouraged.
  • NCC will be a community where generosity is practised.
  • NCC will be a community of commitment to the understanding of, and care for, God’s creation