Welcome to Nambour Christian College

… a leading Sunshine Coast school

Nambour Christian College is a leading independent school on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast offering excellence in Christian education from 2.5 years of age to Year 12.

Through outstanding student achievements in academics, sport, instrumental music and performing arts, NCC has gained a reputation as an exceptional school for the past 36 years.

If you are looking for a well-established primary school, high school or private school, then why not visit our stunning campus and see what makes our college so special.

Why choose NCC?

Security  –  as parents you want to be certain that your child is entrusted to a secure and safe environment. At NCC, our attention is focused on your child. Each student is known and valued as an individual by staff members who care passionately about their overall well-being.
Support – you would expect your school to provide a supportive environment for your child, based on timeless Christian values. An exceptional teaching and admin team at NCC provides the educational support and encouragement for each student’s overall development.
Success – you want your school to equip your child with the necessary skills, values and self-confidence to thrive in a rapidly changing world. NCC is recognised widely for its outstanding achievements in academics, sport, music and the performing arts over the past 34 years.

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