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Rienecker family tradition comes to an end

Rienecker family tradition comes to an end

Grandparent’s Day 2016 marked a momentous occasion for the Rienecker family as Jane, Year 12 student and College Captain, accompanied Eunice Rienecker, and Ken and Val Hooper along the brick paved pathways of Nambour Christian College for one last time. For 21 years, the Rienecker Grandparents have enjoyed exceptional concerts filled with music, song, and dance followed by treasured moments at morning tea by the side of their four grandchildren, Kate, Zoe, Jack, and now Jane.

While it was a little bittersweet without Grandpa Des sitting beside her, Eunice joyfully exclaimed, as she does every year during the Chapel Concert,

“That’s the best I’ve ever seen!”

Year after year, witnessing two decades of phenomenal change and development, their love for the Nambour Christian College Community has continued to grow. Since 1995, when Kate first entered the pre-school, the Grandparent’s have relished touring the campus, tasting Hospitality delights, engaging with their grandchildren, and of course, visiting the farm and seeing the animals with their son, Phil.

As Meg Rienecker smiles, she reminisces on many fond memories and moments shared by all.

“This was a big milestone for our family today. It was the last Grandparent’s Day for them! And they love it so.”

In October, at Senior School Speech Night, NCC will see an end to the Rienecker Family Tradition. With love in our hearts, we will wish them many blessings for the future and say “farewell”.

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